Implementation Methodology

Strateq emphasizes the importance of proactive and effective implementation yet serious on safety of our customers and our staff. Our knowledge and skill together with the flexibility in delivering a cloud-based solution allow us to use automation and remote sessions to implement our HIS solution for your facility efficiently and cost-effectively while still maintaining a seamless and quality implementation.

Our teams will work closely with your teams using easy to use communication tools and conferencing mediums to guide and maintain contact with your teams. This will ensure that we are not only meeting the data gathering and build requirements but are also able to address the cultural change issues that occur when implementing a new HIS or EHR.

Key Implementation Benefits:


Pre-integrated and tested end-to-end HIS solution.


We strive to minimize disruption to your financial and clinical workflows.


Multiple channels of communications remotely and on-site with your teams.

Train the Trainer

We provide role based “Train the Trainer” trainings.

Peace of mind

Implement and train by industry experts.

Smooth Sailing

Extensive Go Live support both onsite and remote.

End User Training

Online Training

Online Training videos for staff.


Hospital Subject Trainers train the Hospital staff.

Online Remote

Strateq staff available for online remote conference sessions as needed.

Onsite Training

Onsite training by Strateq personal as needed.

Post Go-Live

Live Support

Post Go Live Support.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support via Help desk.


Retraining evaluation.


Workflow reassessments.

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