Cloud Computing by AWS

As one of the largest Public Cloud Infrastructure providers in the world, AWS provides HIPAA compliant, secured, robust, highly scalable and affordable cloud IT infrastructure, which is the perfect platform for StrateqEHR SaaS offering. With its on-demand pricing and highly flexible scaling capacity, we are able to offer StrateqEHR to our customers without upfront capital expenditure (CapEx). Just a simple monthly subscription fee.

StrateqEHR is securely hosted in a Virtual Private Cloud within AWS with multi-layer firewalls and monitor 24/7 by one of the major Security Operations Center (SOC) powered by ARMOR. All our databases and data files are encrypted at rest with multiple copies on-site and off-site backup for disaster recovery.

AWS comes with numerous monitoring and redundant tools and services that allow us to proactively maintain a high availability and uptime of our StrateqEHR SaaS. AWS automation tools also allow us to keep our system up to date with a minimum interruption to hospital operations.

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