System Architecture

StrateqEHR is a ground-up multi-tenancy, cloud-native web & mobile HIS platform developed using modern open technology stack. Its native HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frontend makes it possible to run natively in all major web browsers running in desktop, laptop, tablet, Chromebook and mobile phone. Our component-based architecture and role-based workflow engine provide the highly configurable capability on-the-fly to adopt the dynamic business processes and workflow of hospitals.

Our patent-pending Dynamic Form Engine is designed to take the form definition defined by clinical informatics and dynamically render the clinical forms such as H&P, care plans, admission assessment, nursing shift assessment on-the-fly for a clinician to perform medical documentation. Widgets and Clinical Elements simplified the documentation with continuity and consistency, yet the information captured is codified.

StrateqEHR embedded with one of the top open integration engines that supports numerous healthcare standard data formats such as HL7, X12, EDI, DICOM, CDA, CCD, CCR, XML, etc. and numerous transfer protocols commonly used across the healthcare industry such as Web Services (SOAP), JMS, MLLP, HTTP, TCP/IP, DICOM, email and file system. Numerous interface templates have been developed with our preferred best in class partners and some other third party vendors requested by our customers.

StrateqEHR is securely hosted in our Virtual Private Cloud within AWS and offer as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to small community hospitals.

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