Ancillary Solutions

Strateq Solutions includes all Ancillary needs including:


Flexible rules-based technology that adapts to your lab workflow. Our navigation supports quick launch icons for consistency and productivity. The system supports Microbiology and Anatomic Pathology Inventory Management.


Study results and images are fully integrated with the CPOE component to allow easy access for placing orders and reviewing results. From simple remote access to robust viewers, we allow healthcare professionals to diagnose, consult, and maximize the quality of care and efficiency.

Ambulatory PM/EMR

Robust solutions for Ambulatory and Rural Heath setting that provides full clinical integration within the inpatient setting.

Behavioral Health

Customized departmental documentation to meet local and state guidelines with team notes capabilities.

Rehab Services

Provides documentation and billing for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies.


Department worklist helps managing orders and provides integrated documentation.


Provides automation of diet orders to meal cards, and dietary consults.

Peri Operation

Patient and resource scheduling with integrated pre/post Ops checklists and customizable clinical documentation.

Medical Detox

CPOE workflow with customizable clinical documentation.

Materials Management

Barcode supported multi-location, fully integrated general supplies and pharmacy inventory management.

Patient Engagement Tools

Integrated patient portal to have bidirectional information transmission between patients and hospital.

Executive Dashboards

Provides the essential information a Doctor needs to “make the next best decision”. Patient trends, orders, and overall status.

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