Our Solutions

Clinical Solutions

Patient Dashboard

Provide the essential information a provider needs to “make the next best decision”. Patient trends, order, and overall status.

Clinical Documentation

Powerful Dynamic Form Engine for Provider Documentation, Nursing Documentation, Nursing Care Plans, Dictation Note, CCDA.


Close-loop Computerized Provider Order Entry, Nursing Orders, Procedure Orders, ancillary orders, Order Sets.

Revenue Cycle Management

Eligibility Checking

Real-time eligibility is available from within StrateqEHR leveraging Waystar’s connection to hundreds of Payers. Eligibility results are returned from Waystar and stored in StrateqEHR.

Remittance Processing

Remits received from Payers are automatically sent from Waystar to StrateqEHR for posting to the Patient account. StrateqEHR also supports entering paper remits if an electronic remit isn’t available from a Payer.

Statement Processing

StrateqEHR sends patient statement data to Waystar on a scheduled basis to send customized statements to your Patients via email or USPS.

Embedded Coding

StrateqEHR is integrated with 3M CRS to provide an effortless coding process. Once coding is complete, a claim is automatically created after a defined bill hold period.

Ancillary Solutions


Flexible rules-based technology that adapts to your lab workflow. Our navigation supports quick launch icons for consistency and productivity. The system supports Microbiology and Anatomic Pathology Inventory Management.


Study results and images are fully integrated with the CPOE component to allow easy access for placing orders and reviewing results. From simple remote access to robust viewers, we allow healthcare professionals to diagnose, consult, and maximize the quality of care and efficiency.

Ambulatory PM/EMR

Robust solutions for Ambulatory and Rural Heath setting that provides full clinical integration within the inpatient setting.

Behavioral Health

Customized departmental documentation to meet local and state guidelines with team notes capabilities.

Freestanding Emergency Centers

Tracking Board

Constantly updates with patient location, arrival time, ESI level, vital signs, provider, length of stay, disposition, order status for Nursing, Laboratory, Radiology and Medication.

Provider Documentation

Customizable documentation templates ease navigation and charting. Voice to text entry ready.


Close-loop CPOE for Nursing, Procedure, Medication, Laboratory and Radiology orders. Complaint specific order sets to increase throughput. Auto flow into patient chart.

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